Luis Scoccola

Luis Scoccola

About me

I am a Mathematician and Computer Scientist. I am currently a postdoc at the Math department at Northeastern University, working with Jose Perea.

I studied Math and Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires, and got a PhD in Math from the University of Western Ontario, under the supervision of Dan Christensen.

Research interests

I currently work on Computational Topology, its connections to Algebra and Statistics, and its applications to Machine Learning and Data Science. I have also worked on Formalization and Type Theory.

Publications and preprints [Google scholar]

9.  On the stability of multigraded Betti numbers and Hilbert functions.
With S. Oudot. [arXiv]

8.  Approximate and discrete Euclidean vector bundles.
With J. A. Perea. [arXiv]

7.  Rectification of interleavings and a persistent Whitehead theorem.
With E. Lanari.
Algebraic & Geometric Topology (to appear). [arXiv]

6.  Stable and consistent density-based clustering.
With A. Rolle. [arXiv]

5.  Locally persistent categories and metric properties of interleaving distances.
PhD dissertation. [thesis]

4.  The Hurewicz Theorem in Homotopy Type Theory.
With D. Christensen.
Algebraic & Geometric Topology (to appear). [arXiv]

3.  Nilpotent Types and Fracture Squares in Homotopy Type Theory.
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 30(5):511–544, 2020. [MSCS][arXiv]

2.  Localization in Homotopy Type Theory.
With D. Christensen, M. Opie, and E. Rijke.
Higher Structures, 4(1):1–32, 2020. [HS][arXiv]

1.  The Integers as a Higher Inductive Type.
With T. Altenkirch.
Proceedings of the 35th Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (pp. 67–73), 2020. [LICS][arXiv]

Projects with code

4.  gamma-linkage clustering algorithm.
With A. Rolle.
From "Stable and consistent density-based clustering", above. [Git]

3.  Approximate and discrete Euclidean vector bundles.
Computational examples of the homonymous article, above. [Git]

2.  The Integers as a Higher Inductive Type.
Formalization of the homonymous article, above. [Git]

1.  A visualization tool for parameter selection in cluster analysis.
With A. Rolle. [Git]

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